Tricks to Keep Your Eyeshadow From Creasing

Finish with powder:
The same way dry shampoo powder works to absorb excess oil in your hair, translucent powder will work to absorb any oil on your eyelids, which is what makes your eyeshadow crease. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow (whether it be cream, powder, or stick) use a fluffy shadow brush to tap on a bit of translucent powder to set the product in place and give it staying power.

Use a primer:
Whether you choose to use an actual primer or you double your cream concealer as a base, using a primer will help to absorb any oils on your eyelids. Your eyeshadow will also be able to grab onto the primer as a solid foundation to stop the likelihood of creasing.

Use eyeliner instead:
This works especially well if you’re going for a smokey eye at night. Using an eyeliner kohl pencil and smudging over your eyelid will give the color a lot of hold, and the eyeliner won’t crease nearly as easily as a cream eyeshadow. The trick with this is to remember that less is more. Start off by adding just a bit of liner color, and you can gradually add more and more.

Go waterproof:
When you can, try to choose a waterproof eyeshadow or a 24-hour long wearing shadow over a regular option. Then, once you’re applying the eyeshadow, use your finger instead of a brush for an application that will help the shadow stay in place.

The Ultimate Guide to Brow Products

Before you begin. Although products are your best friend for everyday upkeep, “you’ll want to visit a pro for waxing, threading, or tweezing every six to eight weeks to nix strays and overgrowth, says Anastasia. Then, when you go to do your makeup, start with clean brows brushed into a shape that suits your face (check out advice on that here). The rest of your prep will depend on what products you’re using. Pencils, waxes, and pomades don’t need any special base, but if you opt for a powder, Soare suggests prepping the brows with some sort of primer or wax pencil. “This will help the powder adhere to the hairs and skin,” she explains.

How To Get The Best Brows For Your Face #beauty

1. Begin shaping after a shower
Since heat helps to open the hair follicle, making plucking an easier, less painful experience.

2. Buy good tweezers.
Look for a pair with slanted ends designed to grab onto hair at the roots but not pinch your skin.

3. Don’t over-pluck. Hear that? DO NOT OVER-PLUCK.
The best way to keep yourself in check is to map out where your brows should start, end and where the highest point, the arch, actually is. Here’s a trick: hold your tweezers up to your face vertically, so they are touching the outer edge of one nostril and line up with the inner corner of your eye. Wherever the tip of the tweezers lands is where your brow should begin. Once you’ve located that point on each side, go forth and pluck any growth in between. Congratulations, you’ve staved off any hint of a unibrow.

4. Find your arch point.
Hold your tweezers so they stretch from the outer corner of your nose over the outer edge of your pupil upwards. Where the tip lands is where your arch is. (It helps to mark this point with an eyeliner as a guide for when you are tweezing underneath your brows.)

5. Find the ideal endpoint for your brows.
It depends on your face shape. Using your tweezers again, measure from the outer corner of your nose through the outer corner of your eye. Remove the hairs the fall beyond this line.

6. Work slowly and precisely to pluck the stray hairs from underneath the brow.
Never remove hairs above on top pulling them out would affect the core shape, which you don’t want to do.

7. After every three hairs, step back from your mirror and assess your work
To ensure that you aren’t over-plucking. (We’ll say it again: Don’t over-pluck.)

8. Don’t aim for symmetry no one’s brows are exactly the same.
Trying to achieve perfect symmetry will only lead to over-plucking and a skewed shape. Don’t. Over-pluck.