How To Get The Best Bedhead Curls

The dishevelled bed head look is one hairstyle which we all desire, yet somehow find it hard to master. Luckily, messy bed hair can easily be replicated with hair straighteners.

All you need to do is apply a heat protector to the hair and section with clips. Then take one section of hair and clamp the hair irons as close to the root as possible. In an over and under motion, begin moving the hair straightener down the hair until you have reached the ends. Voila- you should have dishevelled, bed head waves, which look super cool!

How To Fake a Sexy Bedhead Hair

Ever envied women like Gisele Bundchen who wake up looking like a million bucks without touching a brush? Here’s your chance to become part of the statistic. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting this perfectly unkempt look, so we too can elicit “perfect hair” envy.

Step 1: Play Dirty And Add Some Curls
Prep the hair and add texture by spraying hairspray or working in mousse at the roots. The hair should be a little dirty in order to increase hold. Curl 1-inch sections of hair, alternating each section between a big barrelled and small barrelled curling iron, wrapping the hair around the iron.
Step 2: Pin Each Piece and Let It Set
After each curl, pin it up and give the hair time to set.
Step 3: Spritz It Up
Then, remove the pins from hair and spray a bit of hairspray.
Step 4: Shake Things Up For More Volume
Flip your head upside down, run your fingers through your hair, and shake it out really well to add volume.
Step 5: Define Your Shape
Give the hair shape by scrunching or for a less defined look brush the hair out a bit. Finally, apply some heat with a blow dryer for the final look.

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